Embrace the new era in the utilities sector

with smart embedded insurance solutions

The utilities sector is undergoing a radical transformation. Distributed renewable generation, digital technologies, changing consumer expectations, new competitors, and regulatory uncertainties translate into a continuous decline in the profit of utility players. Embedded Insurance can protect the properties and home content of your customers as well as secure bill payments, build customer loyalty and generate new revenue streams for your business.


Deliver smart, easy, and affordable utilities insurance for your customers

You can now provide value addded services to help customers secure their financial stability by embedding relevant insurance offerings such as Home Insurance, Content protection and Bill protection.


Paul enters his new home

Paul is very happy. His new home is ready and he plans to move in within the following weeks. While he is navigating the internet to find the best Energy Plan for his needs he realizes that your Company is offering a Combo solution. Energy Plan + Home Content Protection, an option that resolves, with one click, two of the open issues he had in his checklist.


Protect homeowners and renters from the

unforeseen and unravel a world of benefits


Flexible home protection and more

With embedded insurance solutions, you will offer homeowners and renters flexible coverage options and extras exactly when they need them most.


Fast and easy claims

Embedded insurance makes it easy for your customers to buy personalized coverage and lodge claims online, 24/7.


Enhanced customer trust

Helping your customers protect their home contents and other utilities against risks, such as water and fire damage, at the right place and time will increase their trust in your brand and therefore enhance their loyalty.


Increased revenue growth

Embedded insurance adds more value to your business’s proposition which translates into higher conversion rates and extra profits from insurance sales commissions.

The Wallbid Platform Technology

The complete insurance package,

all in one simple plugin

Wallbid’s proprietary technology gives us the flexibility to build any embedded, online journey with our partners depending on what works best for their customers. We are not constrained by tech limitations in this regard.

  • dot A high-tech platform to integrate instantly with zero hassle
  • dot Flexible, fast, and convenient
  • dot Omni-channel support
  • dot Instant quote
  • dot Fully digital customer experience from quote to claim, including sign-up flows, digital comms, and policy documents
  • dot Zero customer acquisition costs

Enrich your services with

relevant insurance products

Along with our insurance partners we are providing well-defined, simple product solutions resulting in a straightforward buying and claims handling process.

Choose between three different ways of embedding insurance solutions into your ecosystems and take your customers’ experience to the next level.


Soft embed

Users opt-in as part of a larger service or purchase process



Where insurance is included automatically as part of a product or service



Insurance that is automatically triggered by data or an event, like a phone being dropped or a car engine starting


Set your business up for

exponential growth