About Wallbid

We bring

insurance to people

NOT people to insurance

Wallbid is a world-class embedded insurance enabler founded by OSeven Telematics founders and backed by Fairfax Financial Holdings.

Our disruptive, scalable technology is embedded into web apps, mobile apps, as well as in-store systems to deliver insurance products exactly when customers need them, in any country, language, or currency.


Insurance made relevant,

simpler & easier to acquire

We focus on improving business processes, accelerating efficiency, and delivering seamless, personalized customer experience, all aiming at helping our partners capitalize on market opportunities.

Wallbid’s 3Ps for a sustainable digital economy

We use technology & innovation to

unlock a more sustainable world



We narrow the protection gap of uninsured people by expanding the value of insurance with easier access and more affordable solutions



We enable end-to-end digital processing, without extra IT & energy resources and the hassle of paperwork



We deliver unique benefits to set our partners up for success and growth:

For Insurers


Faster time-to-market


Lower distribution costs


Higher penetration rate


Broader data availability

For Distributors


New profit streams through insurance sale commissions


Superior customer service


Increased customer loyalty & retention

Wallbid’s Vision

We believe that businesses thrive

when built on honesty & integrity


Our Purpose

We empower our Business Partners to combat the impacts of a continuously evolving landscape thus creating for them a competitive advantage


Our Promise

We are committed to building mutually beneficial partnerships by designing plug-and-play solutions to enable insurance to reach broader audiences



we are passionate about what we do with an eye for detail and a strong commitment to our core philosophies and values.


The way we

do business

We are focused on delivering exceptional experiences to our partners and their customers, while keeping things scalable, simple, and relevant. We deeply recognize the interconnected nature of our business, the economy, the environment and society, and we use technology and innovation to unlock a more sustainable world.

The Wallbid distinction is embodied in our company culture, supported by a wide-ranging technological expertise, client-centric approach and an ability to be nimble, flexible and innovative. Our aim is to combine our team members strengths and work hand in hand with our partners to build well-defined, value-adding businesses that can compete effectively in an ever-changing landscape.

Work with us

We provide the culture to

deliver your best

Wallbid is made up of several leading experts, based in a range of sectors. Working with us, you’ll be part of a human-centric business culture imbued with a strong teamwork spirit. At Wallbid, we are focused on building a cohesive team whose members can feed off each other and support one another. Our hybrid working model is based on flexibility, as we believe it leads to a happier and more productive workforce where performance by output is valued over the number of working hours.

Work with us

Set your business up for

exponential growth