Insurance coverage

directly embedded within the buyer journey

Embedded insurance offers your customers a faster, easier way of insuring their purchases by seamlessly integrating insurance solutions in your propositions, either as a complementary add-on to the core offering or a new native component.


Insurance when and where your customers need it creates long-lasting relationships

Consumers are more likely to purchase a product when protection of the item is offered at the moment of purchase and they appreciate the retailer that makes it so easy for them to get what they want and protect it, too.


Hyper-responsive insurance products meet your customers’ immediate needs

Customer data and the ease of online purchases make embedded insurance a win-win proposition for your business, insurers, and customers. Combining the two, you can offer hassle-free, targeted insurance coverages.


Donna and John buy electrical appliances

Donna and John are buying their first home electrical appliances. They treasure each piece as it signifies the new life they are entering. Offering them Extended Warranty at checkout gives them peace of mind! If something goes wrong with the appliance they are buying, they will be covered. And in the unfortunate event that this happens, when they will be reimbursed, they will adore you!


With embedded insurance,

everybody wins


Seamless buyer journeys

Customized and affordable insurance solutions readily accessible at checkout lead to happy buyers. And happy buyers translate into loyal customers for your brand.


Increased purchase conversion rates

By embedding insurance coverage right at the point of sale, you provide extra incentives to buyers to complete their purchases, which means more revenue for your retail business.


New revenue opportunities

Embedded insurance will create new profit streams through insurance sale commissions with minimum cost and effort on your part.


Full protection coverage for online purchases

Tailor-made insurance packages integrated into online purchases will offer your customers full protection, including coverage for loss, damage, theft, and more.

The Wallbid Platform Technology

The complete insurance package,

all in one simple plugin

Wallbid’s proprietary technology gives us the flexibility to build any embedded, online journey with our partners depending on what works best for their customers. We are not constrained by tech limitations in this regard.

  • dot A high-tech platform to integrate instantly with zero hassle
  • dot Flexible, fast, and convenient
  • dot Omni-channel support
  • dot Instant quote
  • dot Fully digital customer experience from quote to claim, including sign-up flows, digital comms, and policy documents
  • dot Zero customer acquisition costs

Enrich your services with

relevant insurance products

Along with our insurance partners we are providing well-defined, simple product solutions resulting in a straightforward buying and claims handling process.

Choose between three different ways of embedding insurance solutions into your ecosystems and take your customers’ experience to the next level.


Soft embed

Users opt-in as part of a larger service or purchase process



Where insurance is included automatically as part of a product or service



Insurance that is automatically triggered by data or an event, like a phone being dropped or a car engine starting


Set your business up for

exponential growth