Deliver superior bundles with

embedded insurance offerings

Utilizing the large customer base, analytical capabilities, and digital resources you already have in place, gives you a tremendous opportunity to enhance your business with new insurance distribution channels and increase your revenues.


Empower connectivity and customer engagement

By offering relevant insurance products within user journeys in a seamless buying experience through API integrations, you will increase customer loyalty and sell millions of policies. In addition, integrating travel insurance in roaming plans or accidental damage protection in the gadget your customers love is a guaranteed way of forming even closer relationships with them.


Tina buys a new mobile phone

Tina gets into your app to buy the new, super-fancy mobile model that has just been launched. At checkout, she realizes that she can also purchase insurance coverage to protect it by just checking a box. Now, isn’t that a fabulous customer experience for Tina?


Open the lines for embedded insurance solutions

and make a world of difference to your business


Increased customer engagement & connectivity

Embedded insurance solutions integrated into telecom channels, such as apps and websites, will allow you to fulfill the ever-evolving connectivity needs outside the scope of traditional telco models, thus building a loyal customer base.


Enhanced product portfolio & bundle offers

Relevant and affordable insurance solutions embedded into your platforms will enhance your current offerings and create bundles that are unique to your brand.


Insights through data assessment

Customer information, such as purchase behavior data, will help you develop targeted products and deliver superior digital buyer journeys.


Solid revenue growth

Embedded insurance will help you create a solid profit generator stream by offering more incentives to increase customer conversion rates while simultaneously collecting insurance sales commissions.

The Wallbid Platform Technology

The complete insurance package,

all in one simple plugin

Wallbid’s proprietary technology gives us the flexibility to build any embedded, online journey with our partners depending on what works best for their customers. We are not constrained by tech limitations in this regard.

  • dot A high-tech platform to integrate instantly with zero hassle
  • dot Flexible, fast, and convenient
  • dot Omni-channel support
  • dot Instant quote
  • dot Fully digital customer experience from quote to claim, including sign-up flows, digital comms, and policy documents
  • dot Zero customer acquisition costs

Enrich your services with

relevant insurance products

Along with our insurance partners we are providing well-defined, simple product solutions resulting in a straightforward buying and claims handling process.

Choose between three different ways of embedding insurance solutions into your ecosystems and take your customers’ experience to the next level.


Soft embed

Users opt-in as part of a larger service or purchase process



Where insurance is included automatically as part of a product or service



Insurance that is automatically triggered by data or an event, like a phone being dropped or a car engine starting


Set your business up for

exponential growth